Thai Airways Bankruptcy Court Email To Passengers

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Thai Airways entered bankruptcy reorganization under Thai laws in May (read more here and here), and the airline doesn’t expect to provide any refunds for several months (read more here).

Now, the bankruptcy court has been sending out emails to creditors, including passengers, with 291 pages long PDF attached.

Here’s the email in English:

Here’s the PDF itself:

Download (PDF, 12.49MB)

Here’s a question from the reader who forwarded the email to us:

I am a Thai Airways Gold status member and recently received this email. I understand they are reorganising the company and that they intend to honour membership status benefits and miles (as per previous email received by TG).

The other day, I received this mail which causes confusion.

It sounds like things are more serious than they seem. What is your opinion?

I would be really upset to loose my miles and Gold Status.

I wouldn’t get too much worried about receiving this, although I believe that whoever decided to press send could have done a better job of explaining the document. This must be something that Thai Airways must produce that shows all the debts and credits the airline has.

Unfortunately, I believe that it will be business as usual for Thai Airways.


It is quite heavy to hit thousands if not hundreds of thousand passengers with this 291-page long bankruptcy proceedings document. Surely there must have been a better way?

There has been some news coming out of Thai Airways restructuring as of late that Sebastian has covered being in Thailand right now. I am not quite sure what will happen with this bankruptcy at the end. The airline doesn’t intend to layoff any employees and will likely resume most operations this fall once the country is again open for incoming travel.

The government will fund the restructuring and likely continues to dictate what routes the airline must operate due to non-business reasons (political – and were high ranking royals happen to live overseas) and who to hire (people with connections).

Thai Airways and Malaysia Airlines are similar, unlike Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. The latter two have been professionally managed and run.