Delta’s Lacking “CareStandard” Enforcement


Airlines for America yesterday released guidelines that US carriers would start rigorously enforce safety standards to lessen the chances of COVID-19 exposure while traveling. American and Delta began putting passengers who refuse to wear masks on not-to-fly lists (read more here).

Delta, however, didn’t release any additional information yesterday beyond what is already available on its website (read more here). The airline has instructed flight attendants only to remind passengers  that they should use face masks, but there is zero recourse if they don’t.

Note that we are not publishing these photos to shame anyone, but rather to illustrate what is going on with Delta.

Here are some photos that a friend of mine sent from a flight that he took on Delta the other Sunday:

Not sure if anyone is wearing a mask here, including the employees.

Waiting by the gate without a mask.

The usual unmitigated disaster at the gate.

Neither face masks nor social distancing.

Boarding without a face mask.

It looks like one out of three passengers in this row is wearing the mask correctly.

Here are illustrations from Delta’s website how this should work (contrary what is going on at their gates):

Beautifully made graphics with zero correlation of what is taking place on their flights.


I have taken five domestic flights on JAL over the past month, and 100% of the passengers and employees have been wearing a face mask. There haven’t been any issues with distancing at the check-in, lounges, or boarding.

Not sure why Delta is unable to put out a similar release than American and United did? It shouldn’t be too difficult to require passengers to wear a mask during flights and ask flight attendants to write those up who don’t.

There is evidence that these masks do help stopping you from spreading the virus. They are not much help, however, preventing you from getting infected. Probably better if most of us would try to wear them until this pandemic is over.

I first had some difficulties using disposable surgical masks and found them quite uncomfortable. You do get used to them after a while and learn how to put them on properly with eyeglasses that I wear.