Chaos Prevails At Lufthansa’s “One Class” Lounge At Frankfurt Airport, Business Lounge To Re-Open Next Monday


As expected Lufthansa’s solution of accommodating all passengers at Frankfurt Airport with one single lounge created lots of chaos and endless lineups that defeats any purpose of an airline lounge.

Lufthansa has previously opened one lounge at both Frankfurt and Munich that included limited capacity and restrictive catering.

It’s been roughly two weeks since the airline has announced that just one lounge per hub airport would open for passenger service as traffic slowly started to gain traction again.

Apart from the location challenges it was also announced that there will be very limited catering which – according to a Lufthansa email – consists of only water and “small snacks”. This has since been upgraded to at least include some dry snacks as well as soft drinks.

Frankfurt Airport and even Munich Airport are both quite large so this “one for all” concept which concentrates every single customer entitled to lounge access at just one location was pretty much a disaster in the making considering the amount of passengers eligible for the lounge. Especially since there is a maximum of 180

You can access Lufthansa’s lounge policy website here to red about their current options.

The following Lufthansa Group Lounges are currently available to you:

  • Frankfurt – Senator Lounge, Terminal 1 Area A
  • Munich – Business Lounge, Terminal 2 Schengen Area
  • Newark – Lufthansa Lounge, Gate Level near the departure gates 60 – 68

The lounges will initially be available to all premium and status guests. The access authorisations linked to the booking class of the flight ticket or the privileges of the customer card will apply.

The product range within the lounges will be adapted to the current possibilities, taking into account current requirements. In particular, the range of food and beverages is affected by this and is either not available or only available to a very limited extent.

Furthermore, the lounges of our Star Alliance partners can be used as usual, provided they are open.

Today the following F&B options were available at the “One Class” lounge in Frankfurt:

  • Dry pretzels in a paper bag
  • Packaged almonds
  • Corny Muesli Bars
  • Small bottles of water as well as soft drinks (Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite)

The offerings are underwhelming to say the least and paired with the long wait times it presses the question if it makes any sense at all to even plan for lounge time under these circumstances.

A little bit of hope though: According to lounge staff, Lufthansa will open a second Lounge coming Monday (22 June) which will be a Business Class Lounge. With that there will be a separation of service and membership classes again and hopefully some proper distribution of customers.

Lufthansa is starting to prop up their summer schedule again and has also modified their check-in areas in Frankfurt which mainly takes place in the Terminal 1 A/B section now.

What used to be the Business Class check-in area has now been converted into half Business, half First Class:

The old First Class check-in section is now an Economy Class check-in area:Why this had to be changed honestly is a mystery to me. Space wise it doesn’t appear to make much of a difference. The real First Class facilities including First Class Lounge and First Class Terminal remain closed for the time being.


Opening ONE single lounge at a hub airport such as Frankfurt was quite frankly a stupid idea, purely designed for cost cutting without any practical aspect to it. Having passengers line up in front of lounges because they only allow 180 people in isn’t safe – quite the opposite. With the schedule slowly increasing again it remains to be seen how this shuffle with check-in desks and lounges is going to work in the future.

Also the more long haul flights are coming back there will be pressure to open the First Class facilities again this will strongly depend on what destinations will be served and if these will actually have First Class serrvice. I can’t imagine that Lufthansa will open up the FCT or even the FCL just to please their Hon Circle members.