Emirates Flight Reconfirmation Required July 1 – September 15, 2020


Do you remember the times, quite some time ago, when airlines required you to reconfirm your flight a couple of days before the scheduled departure?

Now, Emirates is bringing this requirement back for purchases made before June 10 for travel  between July 1 and September 15, 2020.

You can access Emirates here.

Here’s the note that Emirates now has on its Covid-19 page:

Do I need to reconfirm my flight?

If you booked your flight after 10 June for travel after 1 July, you don’t need to reconfirm your flight. However, if you booked your flight before 10 June for travel between 1 July and 15 September, you will need to contact Emirates to reconfirm your flight 21 days before your scheduled departure. For bookings made with travel agents, please contact them to make the necessary arrangements.


I guess that Emirates here is trying to find out how many of those passengers who have bought them a while ago will show up. There could still be passengers that are not aware of the various travel and entry bans.