Denmark Open For Most European Nationals From June 27, 2020

Denmark is in the process of following the EU’s suggestion to open the country’s borders to European Union and Schengen nationals and permanent residents by July 1, 2020.

Danish foreign ministry announced today that the country would welcome all visitors from the European Union and Schengen, excluding Sweden and Portugal, effective June 27, 2020.

You can access Denmark’s website for incoming visitors here.

Denmark would allow visitors from countries that it deems OPEN. This requires fewer than 20 Covid-19 infected people per week (whatever this means). Both Sweden and Portugal fail on this assessment.

Here’s an excerpt from the Thomson Reuters:

Denmark will allow citizens from European countries with a low number of COVID-19 infections to enter the country from June 27, the Danish foreign ministry said on Thursday.

European Union member states, non-EU countries in the open-border Schengen area such as Norway and also the United Kingdom, which is in neither grouping, will be individually assessed based on objective criteria, the ministry said.

A country would be classified as ‘open’ if it has fewer than 20 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants per week, the ministry said.

Remember to check the EU’s website for travel restrictions within the Union:

EU Launches “Reopen-EU” Website For Intra-Block Travel Information


Most of the European Union and Schengen are or are soon open for internal travel. It is still unclear what will happen at the outer border in two weeks and what countries, if any, are excluded.

It would make the most sense for the Schengen countries to decide together what third-country nationals to let in and when based on the Covid-19 infection rates. It is unclear if this coordination will take place, however.