Iberia Plus Buy Avios 50% Bonus Through June 30, 2020

Iberia Plus has launched a new offer to buy Avios with a 50% bonus through June 30, 2020.

The yearly purchase cap of 100,000 Iberia Plus Avios has been doubled to 200,000 before the bonus (you can essentially buy 300,000 Avios).

You can access this offer on Iberia’s website here.

Here’s the price in USD:

The cost of Avios purchased under this offer is 1.8 cents each. The price in euros should be a lot less (usually 1.2 euro cents each).


British Airways and especially Iberia have had never-ending Avios throughout the years.

There are some benefits to using Avios on Iberia’s program instead of British Airways. Considering how complicated and temperamental IB’s website is compared to BA’s (practically impossible to use at times), you can combine Avios purchase from Iberia to British Airways as long as the account information matches.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

Promotion valid from 18th to 30th June, 2020 (from 7.00 am and according to schedule mainland Spain) only for purchases or gifts made by means of the option made available to “All Iberia Plus customers”, placed in the first position of “Purchase” or ”Gift”. Bonus will be awarded to the recipient of the Avios. The Purchaser can purchase a maximum of 200,000 Avios in any one calendar year. Therefore purchasing or gifting Avios will no longer be available until January, 1st 2021.