“The Club” Airport Lounge Facilities Are Reopening At Several U.S. Airports


Airport lounge operators such as The Club are reopening their facilities at various U.S. locations as travel is beginning to pick up again and they need to operate in order to make their expensive rent payments.

Independent operators that are running as contract lounges for local airlines and through affiliation with the Priority Pass and credit card access programs are now in the process to restart their operations.

Just like most other service providers in the travel industry these lounge operators have been hit by the impact of COVID-19 while (likely) still being on the hook for expensive lease payments.

You can access the directory of The Club here.

These The Club Lounges in the U.S. are pretty ‘alright’ in my opinion as I don’t expect a lot from any lounge facility in North America.

They are mostly a semi-decent room with a few small snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Interestingly when you enter with Priority Pass you often get a voucher for a drink while when entering on an airline invitation you have to pay for well drinks and beers (varies by location).

You can find The Club’s health and safety measures on this website including all their locations and re/opening schedules.

Dear Guest,

The wellbeing and health of our guests and staff is of upmost importance to us, so in these fast-moving and uncertain times, The Club family want you to know the actions we will be taking to ensure we support you and your travel plans.

The Club have been seeking guidance provided by local officials, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Dr. Simon Worrell, chief medical officer of The Club’s parent company to ensure all health and safety measures are met ahead of re-opening our lounges.


While our Club and Club Aspire lounges are temporarily closed, we have been actively monitoring the situation closely and are pleased to announce our lounge network will begin reopening locations starting with The Club DFW on June 24. Additional reopening dates will occur as followed:

  • The Club MCO (Airside 1) – June 29
  • The Club LAS (Terminal 1) – June 29
  • The Club SEA (S Gates) – July 1
  • The Club JAX – July 1

Travelers embarking on essential travel, please check this page for any updates for when lounges are reopening and any amendments to opening times.

Last week I wrote about other lounges such as the Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt and Munich reopening which worked more or less well due to their weird rules and lack of space.


I can imagine these operators are glad to get things going again. The lease costs at the major airports are brutal unless they were given a stay which I doubt.

At least some people are ready to travel again and having a lounge available makes a huge difference. A friend just mentioned BA at Heathrow provides absolutely nothing. Well, not that I’m surprised about that. Always good to at least have a Priority Pass for an alternative if opened yet.