Gate Gourmet Frozen Meal Deals


Remember the piece (read more here) we ran the other week about the Australian caterer Gate Gourmet that was offloading excess airline meals that otherwise would go to waste?

Australian 9News on Friday run a story about these airline meals being sold to consumers (access here), and an Ozbargain website has a long thread about what meals people got (access here).

You can access Gate Gourmet here.

Here’s what one Ozbargain member TRISNADI wrote:

I bought the Lunch/Dinner pack only and also got 3 x Thai Yellow Curry, 3 x Beef Bourguignon and 4 x Chicken & Mushroom Stew. I reckon they’re good value for $2.50 each. Use by date is Aug and Sept. I can’t picture myself eating this every day but handy for backup when I have no time to cook.

These meals are expiring in a couple of months as FRIEDMAKI wrote:

I received a good assortment of non-veg (60%) and veg (40%) meals.

Beef Bourguignon (expiring 26Aug2020)
Pasta Gnocchi Pumpkin (Veg, expiring 19Aug2020)
Chicken Mango Curry (expiring 28Jun2020)
Mie Goreng Noodle (Veg, expiring 02Jul2020)
Thai Yellow Curry (Veg, expiring 08Sep2020)

And here are two galleries that Ozbargain members shared:


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The frozen entrees look precisely what you might expect. If you heat them and put on nice china, then they look quite tasty.

I am surprised that some of these meals are bout to expire in the next month or two because they usually are ok sometimes even for a year+. They were probably made at the beginning of 2020, if not earlier, and once Virgin Australia stopped flying international routes, there has been no use for them.

You have to give Gate Gourmet credit for trying to sell these meals rather than just writing them off and dumping as a waste.

I have not come across any other sale such as this by these worldwide caterers. It makes you wonder what they might be doing with their soon expiring entrees?

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