IHG Rewards Club Dynamic Award Massacre


IHG planned last year to slowly introduce dynamically priced awards but didn’t get to speed with the program before this spring (read more here, here and here) starting first with the Greater China and then rapidly elsewhere.

The program had some excellent rates at previously 60K to 70K per night InterContinental that suddenly were on sale for a lot less. These good deals are now gone, however.

You can access the IHG Rewards Club here.

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IHG had an award massacre over the weekend. These higher-end InterContinentals and perhaps some others are back up to their previous standard max.

When I asked from an IHG spokesperson about this, the reply was that “reward nights will vary based on demand and seasonality.”


I thought that the IHG Rewards Club decided to make the program attractive again (at least for a while) when these dynamic awards were introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering reasonable rates at previously overpriced (points wise) hotels.

The hotel award night reimbursement is based on the ADR, the number of award redemption in a calendar year, and occupancy rates.

All these are have crashed due to the coronavirus and cash that IHG pays for hotels for award night reimbursements will be much lower in 2020 than usual. It would have been a good time to offer some incentives to members, right?

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