EXTENDED: Marriott Thailand Gift Certificates With 50% Bonus Available Until July 31, 2020


Marriott hotels in Thailand launched in June an offer that allows members to buy gift certificates at up to 50% bonus that has now been extended through July 31 (the sale was supposed to end on June 30).

You can then use these towards folio expenses such as accommodation, SPA, and F&B through date designated by the property that can be the end of 2020 or through July 31, 2021.

You can access this offer on the Megatix website here.

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Note that these gift certificates are property specific.

You should check any possible blackout dates when you cannot use them, and if you can use them towards all folio expenses. The terms of these vouchers are hotel specific.

Here are the available values:

Here are participating hotels:

Here are the terms of the Marriott Phuket Merlin Beach:

– Gift certificates can be used toward all managed facilities within a hotel including accommodation,
room upgrade, spa treatments, food and beverage in any of our on-site restaurants and bars including in-room dining and in-room minibar.
– Credit need to be used per stay can not be split for future stay
– Folio credit will be applied to Guest folio at time of checkout
– Folio credits are not transferable, not redeemable for cash, void after checkout and cannot be applied toward future stays.
– A stay is defined as consecutive nights spent in the same hotel, regardless of check in/check out activities. Check out and check in can not be on the same day.
– Any spend exceeds the amount of the gift certificate, the balance must be paid either in cash, by credit card or other available payment method.


You cannot use these vouchers towards prepaid stays, and some other rates are excluded, too, depending on the hotel (always check the property specific T&Cs).

It is also unclear how these vouchers are applied towards the folio spend. If they are recorded as a credit, you will get points for the entire folio spend. But, if they merely deduct the voucher amount from the folio, and you pay the rest, you won’t.

Sebastian covered some excellent rates at Marriott affiliated hotels yesterday (read more here), of which some don’t allow you to apply these vouchers (no double-dipping on discounts).