Australia Begins Charging A$3,000 For The Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine


Australia’s NSW (New South Wales) begins charging A$,3000 for the mandatory 14-day hotel quarantine upon citizen and resident arrivals to the country.


NSW has already processed and paid for 35,000 citizens and permanent resident hotel quarantines since late March when this facility was instituted. Australia also begins limiting the number of returnees to fewer than 4,000 per week.

You can access NSW’s site for returnees here.

The payment will begin for arrivals starting at 12:01 AM on Saturday, July 18, 2020. You don’t have to pay the fee IF you have purchased your ticket back to Australia by 11:59 PM AEST tonight (July 12).

There is a cap of a maximum of 525 international arrivals per week in Perth, 500 per week in Brisbane, and 450 per day in Sydney. International arrivals are currently not allowed in Melbourne that is battling a community spread of Covid-19, and jus went into lockdown for six weeks.


It has been quite generous from the Australian states that they have footed the hotel quarantine bills for those returning to the country.

The A$3,000 for two weeks with food (likely via in-room dining) is not bad if you get assigned one of the better hotels used.

But does it make sense to quarantine for all returnees for 14 nights? You could administer a Covid-19 test at the airport that would catch most cases, and it is likely impossible to make the country completely free of the virus until there is a vaccine (there have been clusters lately).

Here’s information released by the NSW: