Canada – US Border Closure Extended Through August 21, 2020 (Likely Much Longer)


Canada and the United States will extend the land border closure for non-essential traffic for an additional 30 days through August 21, 2020.


The land border has been closed since March. Canadians, however, can enter the US by air but must quarantine upon returning for 14-nights.

Here’s an excerpt from the CBC (access their piece here):

COVID-19 cases are hitting record daily highs in a large number of U.S. states — which would make make any resumption of pre-pandemic travel a significant health threat to Canada.

“We recognize that the situation continues to be complex in the United States in regards to COVID-19,” Trudeau said Monday at a press conference. “Every month, we have been able to extend the border closures to all but essential goods and services and those discussions are ongoing.”

Recent polling suggests that more than 80 per cent of Canadians favour keeping the border restrictions in place.

Some leading public health officials have suggested the border should remain closed until at least the end of the year.


Covid-19 infections are getting out of control in the United States and still increasing, while the cases in Canada are way down from the peak and stabilized.

It is challenging to see the land border opening anytime soon when the epidemiological situation between these two countries in regards to Covid-19 is so different.

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