Has Marriott Bonvoy Gone Way Overboard With Non-Stayed Qualifying Nights In 2020?


Marriott Bonvoy has been quite generous at extending elite member tiers by a year due to the current Covid-19 pandemic (read more here).

The hotel company has also offered bonus elite night credits (read more here and here), and also is giving up to 30 nights for members who have affiliated credit cards.

You can access Marriott Bonvoy here.

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A friend of mine made 50 of the 75 nights required for a Titanium from the credit cards and the bonus night credits.

He could always choose the additional 5 elite qualifying nights at 50 and 75 nights as Choice Benefit-option, but that wouldn’t help because he needs another four years of Platinum to reach the lifetime status (PLT).


On the one hand, it is nice that Marriott is throwing these qualifying nights right and left, but on the other, if everyone is suddenly Platinum or Titanium, what does it mean at the property level?

Also, these credit card nights are available in minimal markets while Marriott portrays to be a global operator.

It is far easier to dole out nights (doesn’t cost Marriott anything + most benefits are delivered by the properties at their expense) than ensuring that elite benefits and standards are honored rather than waiving them for most of 2020 (read more here and here).

Considering how long this Covid-19 takes to runs its course, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another round of elite night credits and/or status extensions in 2021.