Lufthansa First Class Lounge In Frankfurt (Terminal 1, A) Reopens on July 20, 2020


Lufthansa First Class Services has announced via their official Twitter channel that the First Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 (A) will re-open again in a week on July 20th.

This is valid for the First Class LOUNGE only and not the other LH First Class facilities and locations including the First Class Terminal which will remain closed for the time being.

Re-opening the FCL A in Frankfurt comes as passenger traffic starts to increase again and Lufthansa is even offering First Class on their flights ex Bangkok (op by the 747-800) from next week. These passengers together with HON Circle and theoretically Centurion card members, (although according to the agreement with Amex this is only for the lounge in B which is still closed) have finally access to this FCL again.

Lufthansa announced the re-opening of their FCL on Twitter via the First Class Terminal account:

Lufthansa has closed their First Class Lounge facilities in Frankfurt effective March 25th, two weeks after the first rumors surfaced that the FCT would be closing which – at the time – Lufthansa denied before shutting down 10 days later.

It was reasonable to close down the lounges while traffic was pretty much at a standstill but since the flight program has restarted considerably and customer are getting impatient with Lufthansa’s way of handling lounge privileges which, to be fair, are also due to local government regulations.

So according to the information on Twitter we can now look forward to the FCL A again starting next week.


Aside from this prospective opening date we have no idea how the lounge operation will look like. Table service from the restaurant seems possible, buffets (just like at the Senator Lounges) are likely off limits and the Bathtub & Shower experience most likely won’t be available.

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