Icelandair Reaches A Deal With Flight Attendants

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Icelandair made some headlines this past weekend after it announced on Friday that it had fired all the flight attendants, and the cockpit crew would take over the in-flight service from July 20th (read more here).

The airline, however, reached a new deal with flight attendants that are likely to accept it this time. Icelandair has canceled most of the cabin crew firings.

You can access Icelandair here.

Here’s the announcement that Icelandair has released:


It was inconceivable that the cockpit crew could have taken care of the in-flight service and safety, as there is a certain number of cabin crew members required for each of its plane types the airline operates.

As I speculated at the time, Icelandair likely used this firing as a threat to get the other party to the negotiation table. I am glad that they have reached a new agreement, and hopefully, the flight attendants ratify it this time.