Radisson Rewards Standard Awards Not Available Online


Many Radisson Rewards members, who have tried to book standard awards in the past month or so, have been in for a surprise.

You cannot see point requirements on the regular rate search, and only premium awards (higher number of points OR cash + points) are displayed on the booking pages.

You can access Radisson Rewards here.

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We received the following statement from the Radisson spokesperson:

Radisson Rewards has identified a system issue that is limiting standard award night from being displayed on the website. In the meantime, members can call the call center directly at 1.800.333.3333 where they can find the full inventory of room redemption options, including standard nights. Radisson Rewards continues to be focused on delivering exceptional value to members.


I would imagine that most of us make their bookings online nowadays, and just choose another vendor if a phone call is required to accomplish something.

It would have been great to have a note on the Radisson website to inform its loyalty program members that these awards are available, but you have to call them in.

Let’s hope that this online functionality is restored soon. I am just surprised that it doesn’t affect premium or points + cash awards.

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