Watch Out For Cathay Pacific Discount Business Earning Changes On Partners

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Japan Airlines today sent out an email about changes to voucher and point expiry policies due to the Covid-19 pandemic (we have covered these earlier).

The email on the footnote also had a warning about miles earnings modifications on Cathay Pacific flights effective October 1, 2020.

Here’s the chart for Mileage Bank Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon:

The most worrying here is the earnings for the discounted business fare class I that goes from 125% to 70% that is lower than some economy and premium economy fares.


It wouldn’t surprise me if we see other Oneworld Airlines slash some of the Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon earnings too. Why would JAL do it unless mandated by Cathay?

Oneworld Alliance has been good with crediting business class fares, unlike Star Alliance, where you need to be very careful with non-qualifying business fares that you cannot credit anywhere else than the operating airline or only to a handful of programs.