Taiwan’s Parliament Passes Proposal To Rebrand China Airlines, Dropping “China Label”


Taiwan’s legislature passed a proposal on Wednesday which is calling to rebrand the countries largest airline China Airlines (CI) to get away from constantly being confused and likened to mainland China carriers.

China Airlines is frequently mistaken for Air China and this isn’t the first time that there has been a push to rename it and add a distinctive Taiwanese identity to the airline.

Lawmakers approved the proposal which is asking the transport ministry to come up with immediate rebranding plans for the carrier that is partly government-owned.

You can access more information about this story from Taiwan News.

Taiwan’s legislature on Wednesday (July 22) passed a proposal to have the transportation ministry present a phased approach to changing the name of Taiwan’s national carrier, China Airlines.

The Legislative Yuan on Wednesday passed a proposal by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) caucus to have the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) study and propose a phased plan to rename China Airlines, reported CNA. In the early stages, it should mainly focus on a redesign of the aircraft livery that does not involve negotiation on the modification of aviation rights, while also inviting relevant units to discuss various feasible approaches and supporting measures to change the English translation of China Airlines and rename the carrier.

The provisional meeting was held to address proposals by the DPP caucus and New Power Party (NPP) members. The DPP proposal pointed out that China Airlines is frequently mistaken for “Air China” by air travelers across the globe, which has hampered Taiwan’s mask diplomacy efforts, as the national carrier often delivers the face coverings to countries in need.

The DPP proposal called on the Legislative Yuan to issue a resolution on the matter in order to strengthen Taiwan’s international identity. The resolution called on the MOTC to actively study and put forward relevant policies for strengthening the international identification of China Airlines so as to end confusion with Chinese airlines in the short, medium, and long term. …

In the early stage, it should mainly focus on a redesign of the aircraft’s livery — which does not involve negotiations on the change of aviation rights — such as emphasizing the word “Taiwan” or an image of Taiwan in the design.

To have the largest carrier of Taiwan bearing the China name never made much sense to me even though the official name of Taiwan is Republic of China (for now).

With Taiwan and the mainland being increasingly at odds it’s more than overdue to find a suitable alternative to the “China” label that is really tainting the carriers reputation to a degree.

China Airlines has vastly improved it’s cabin product and especially safety record over the years. Their fleet does include some pretty old planes though.


Name wise it was smart of EVA Air (owned by the Evergreen Group) to stay away from any national identifiers and just concentrate on the product itself.

China Airlines name changes will have a range of regulatory consequences but it’s better to rather tackle these issues earlier than later.

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