Fabulous Fridays: Hotel “Covid Packages” and PPE Equipment As Check-In Amenities


Our Fabulous Friday today is about special Covid-19 protection utensils some hotels prepare for their guests and hand them over upon check-in.

I visited a couple of hotels and resorts in Thailand this week and at least two properties stuck out with having prepared items for me.

In Thailand as well as most countries worldwide it’s common courtesy nowadays to at least protect yourself and others in the public areas which can be done with masks, hand sanitizer, desinfective wipes and other methods.

This was the amenity waiting for me inside the room at Le Meridien Bangkok:

Aside from beverages and fruits the had some PPE stuff for me:

  • Two face masks
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer
  • One pack of disinfectant wipes

At the Intercontinental Pattaya I was presented with a branded face mask upon check-in:

That mask looks pretty nice and is comfortable as well. It’s also more stylish / discreet than the medical equipment style but since you can pretty much throw one away each day it won’t matter much.


I didn’t feel that the wearing of masks in all areas was strictly enforced or required here in Thailand, especially the resort hotels. I have no problems wearing them in the elevators etc but obviously not at the pool or while having breakfast (sort of impossible and pointless to utilize any PPE there),

In any case I do appreciate the hotels making an effort in providing these items to their guests and not just demand the guest shows up with them.