Virgin Galactic Reveals SpaceshipTwo Cabin

Virgin Galactic, part of Sir Richard’s hospitality portfolio, revealed a new spaceship cabin interior on Tuesday at a virtual event.

Passengers can reserve a slot by making a $1,000 deposit and later pay a quarter of a million USD for a confirmed seat.

You can access Virgin Galatic here.

Here’s the press release from the Virgin Galactic:

Download (PDF, 174KB)

Video of the cabin:

Here’s the event they hosted on YouTube:

Photos Virgin Galactic released:

Also, have a look at their financials:

Download (PDF, 679KB)


I just had a look at the company financials, and it seems that Virgin Galactic has cash on hand to last until the end of 2021 based on the current burn rate ($60M in the first three months of this year and $420M in cash).

The galactic Instagram experience asks you to make a fully refundable $1,000 deposit (likely gone if the venture folds) to keep you updated about future purchase opportunities.

The spaceship certainly looks beautiful, and the experience can make sense if you have no other use for cash than setting them on fire. The weightless experience should set you back roughly $250K.

This venture helped Sir Richard to keep his other hospitality business from collapsing. He sold part of his holdings and diverted £200M to help to maintain its earthly Virgin Atlantic from crashing.