Air India Express Plane With 191 Passengers Rips Apart, Slides Down Into Valley Upon Landing At Calicut, Southern India


An Air India Express plane arriving from Dubai overshot the runway runway in Calicut, Kerala (India) and split into two pieces with so far two people feared dead and 35 others injured.

The aircraft carried 191 passengers and crew arrived from Dubai, skid off the runway amid heavy rain and according to news reports fell down into a valley.

What happened here sounds truly horrific and so far there are only a few details known about this crash that happened a few hours ago on Friday evening.

The flight in question was IX 1344 from Dubai (DXB) operated by a Boeing 737

You can read more about this from South China Morning Post (access here).

At least two people were feared dead, and 35 injured after an Air India passenger plane crashed in the southern city of Calicut as it came in to land in heavy rain on Friday, police said.

The aircraft arriving from Dubai had 191 passengers and crew on board when it overshot the runway, the civil aviation ministry said in a statement. There were 10 infants on board.

“We believe there are two people dead, and 35 injured, we are still in the middle of the rescue effort,” area police superintendent Abdul Karim said.

The plane fuselage split into two as it overshot the runway and fell into a valley, television networks said.

“As per the initial reports rescue operations are on and passengers are being taken to hospital for medical care,” the civil aviation ministry said in the statement. There was no fire on board, it said.

There is also a media clip available from Twitter to follow up on more video material from the scene:

From this SCMP article it sounds pretty grim yet so far “only” two people are suspected dead and 25 injured. Hopefully the toll won’t go up considerably.

Air India statement on the incident is as follows:

Air India Express flight IX 1344 operated by B737 aircraft from Dubai to Calicut overshot runway at Kozhikode at 1941 hrs tonight. No fire reported at the time of landing. There are 174 passengers, 10 Infants, 2 Pilots and 5 cabin Crew on board the aircraft. As per the initial reports rescue operations are on and Passengers are being taken to hospital for medical care. We will soon share the update in this regard.

Edit: The Times of India also has an constantly updated article with a moving timeline.


A terrible accident in times where there is already way too much tragedy. Hopefully the victims of this crash will be ok and cared for. RIP to those passengers who didn’t survive the crash. 🙁