Marriott “Best Rate Guarantee” Exclusions Update August 7, 2020


Marriott has offered to match lower rates found on third party websites for years. This program was first called “Look No Further,” but the name was changed to a more traditional “Best Rate Guarantee” recently.

There have been several iterations of this program over the years, and it has been made more obscure to the point that it rarely nowadays matches lower rates found on third party websites. Starwood’s best rate guarantee, however, was the gold standard.

You can access Marriott’s page for Bets Rate Guarantee here.

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Here’s the update:

Certain rates do not apply to this guarantee. For example, a Comparison Rate does not qualify if it is not publicly available, such as negotiated corporate rates, senior or group rates, or rates available through paid memberships (AAA, etc), rates negotiated for extended stays (beyond 30 nights), rates that have different rules such as cancellation or refund policies, or rates that include differing guaranteed custom room options. We do not accept claims for government funded tourism stimulus promotions.

Comparing Marriott channel rates to those found during later searches on Marriott channels (including Marriott-affiliated, private label, or property standalone websites) are not eligible for the guarantee. For Design Hotels Partner Hotels, rates found on the Design Hotels™ Website, Design Hotels™ Mobile App and any individual Design Hotels standalone Website & Mobile App are not eligible for the guarantee.

We do not accept package rates that include a combination of a room and travel, airfare, cruise, car rental, etc; we cannot guarantee that room plus other components or amenities such as non-breakfast meals, tickets, gas coupons, etc., can be applied to the reservation.

Rates on auction websites, on sites that do not disclose the hotel brand until the reservation is completed (i.e., Priceline and Hotwire), on sites that require a login or specific credit card to view or book, or on sites that don’t provide an immediate confirmation (e.g., an “on request” rate) are not accepted. Pre-paid, advance purchase, or non-refundable rates on Qunar, eLong, Meituan Travel, Ctrip/, Ctrip/ affiliate sites, or Fliggy are not eligible. Any rates on WeChat are not eligible.


Marriott is unable to compete with Chinese run websites and apps. They are now all excluded from the best rate guarantee-program. They just added the WeChat to the list that has already included eLong, and Ctrip among others.

These government-funded tourism campaigns may distract pricing in some markets such as Japan, where the travel agencies may sell hotels at a lower price than what they pay because there is a rebate from the government involved.