IHG’s Dynamic Award Night Pricing Issue?

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IHG has been in the process of converting static award night prices to match those of paid rates better and to fluctuate with the demand. We have covered the change this year multiple times.

When I was writing a piece about the current Europe 50% off “Flash Sale”, I came across quite a few anomalies where the PAID rate was cheaper than the CASH portion of the POINTS + MONEY That doesn’t make much sense.

You can access IHG here.

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Here are some examples:

Holiday Inn Express hotel in London

Crowne Plaza Hotel in London City

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Berlin

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rome

Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels

IHG’s 50% off sale for stays in Europe:

IHG Hotels Europe 50% Off Sale For Stays Through April 30, 2021 (Book By August 24)

Here are previous articles about these dynamic awards:

IHG has informed some members about the change in award night pricing.

IHG Rewards Club Rewards Night Update Email

IHG Rewards Club “Introducing our new approach to Reward Nights” Email

IHG already partially devalued its variable awards.

IHG Rewards Club Dynamic Award Massacre

Variable awards pricing has extended to Europe and North America.

IHG Rewards Club Expands Variable Award Pricing


If IHG really wants to implement these dynamic/variable award pricing correctly, then these prices must fluctuate with the paid rates also when they are low (and not only up).

A situation when the paid rates are LOWER than the CASH portion of Points + Money is crazy. Points + Money should enable the member to save over paid ones not to pay more.

We have previously seen lower paid rates compared to the cash portion of the Points + Money in some hotels in Indonesia, but not in a major destination such as London, Berlin, or Rome.