Megatix Thailand 8.8. Flash Sale Promotion For Various Hotel, Spa & Dining Offers

Megatix Thailand has come out with a new promotion offering more offer for various hotels and resorts in the Kingdom valid for stays, dining and spa services.

These offers under the “8.8. Flash Sale” campaign have to be purchased from today August 8 and are valid for only a few days, in some cases just today (depending on the hotel) with the vouchers expiry date varying.

We have covered the Megatix offers a couple times over the past few months, mostly in connection with various offer for Marriott properties in Thailand that are also elite qualifying if an overnight stay is involved.

I’ve previously written about using vouchers for the Ritz Carlton Koh Samui as well as the Marriott Marquis Queens Park Bangkok during the last extension of the overall campaign.

You can access the Megatix Sales website here.

Unlock exclusive deals with huge discounts of up to 70%. Megatix brings you the best hotel offers for dining, stay-cations, cash vouchers, beach trips and much more. Exclusive vouchers can be purchased TODAY ONLY and redeemed later, with some vouchers expiring in 2021.

Most of these offers can actually be purchased for the next couple of days, not just today but that varies so go through them and see what’s interesting.

Here are some examples:

The offers I found interesting here are:

These are packages though and in the end you do pay for all these little extra gimmicks and extras bundled together.

If you’re like me and prefer straight cash vouchers maybe just check out the regular voucher options instead that can save you more money because all you pay for is essentially the room and maybe breakfast associated with it.


From what I’ve heard by talking to hotel management of various properties these Megatix sales have been relatively successful but of course won’t help filling up the hotel to it’s full capacity or anywhere close. On top of that Megatix takes a cut for facilitating the marketing and sale of these vouchers.

While all the promotions have boosted the domestic tourism here in Thailand, the best that hotels can do at the moment is trying to somehow break even and keep as many people on payroll as possible. What appears to be very successful is the return of the buffet and brunch at local hotels in Bangkok. I’ve visited four of these now and it was always packed like in the past of course there are now some phenomenal deals around for those as well. Booked through Eatigo or these Megatix promos you can get 30-50% off and eat for 749 Baht at the Marriott Marquis or roughly 1,100 Baht at the Grand Hyatt.