Buy Omni Hotels & Resorts Gift Cards With A Generous 25% Bonus Until Further Notice

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Omni Hotels & Resorts became the latest hospitality company that started a sale for gift cards, giving a sizeable 25% bonus for those customers willing to buy credit in advance of their stays.

This promotion will be available until further notice as Omni didn’t give a definitive date when the campaign will end and gift cards are available as either e-gift card or physical items that will take several days to be shipped.

In order to keep revenue going hotels have resorted to selling future credits of all sorts, be it vouchers for packages, gift cards or stay certificates to keep the company going in times where business and leisure travel has been heavily reduced.

OMNI Hotels & Resorts are the latest to join the club and they even offer 25% bonus for their gift cards.

Keep in mind that contrary to other sales this will be a bonus and not a discount on the original amount and according to the information on the website you’ll get an extra US$25 for each US$100 on the card.

What’s confusing to me is the way they display the bonus here:

So are they going to send out another 10x $25 gift cards? What the hell is that all about? Can you imagine redeeming those at the front desk?

I do like Omni Hotels and have stayed at their properties in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. where they have some very nice hotels.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the gift cards can exclusively be used at their United States properties, not in Canada or Mexico.

Here is a destination map showing all of Omni locations:

They have a variety of locations but strange enough despite getting emails from them for over a decade I never realized that it’s a chain that exclusively operates in continental North America. Not even a property in Hawaii despite the fact that the brand is very popular with Japanese guests (at least the one in Los Angeles and SF).


25% is a very generous bonus for these gift cards that can be used across the entire brand even if it’s just for their U.S. properties. Most of the other chains maxed out of 20%, some even much less than that.

What’s discouraging to me is the way they give out the bonus. Why this confusing way of adding them in increments of $25 and even worse possible even distributing them as single gift cards. They haven’t specified that anywhere and to be honest I’m not interested in getting myself tied up in such a nightmare. There would have surely been a better way to facilitate this, why not just give a straight discount or add the value to the primary gift card?

These are the Terms & Conditions for this gift card promotion:

$4,000.00 spend limit. Shipments can be made within the United States, Canada and Mexico, however, redemption of Omni Gift Cards may only occur within the Unites States (excludes Canada and Mexico). USPS orders will be shipped within 2 business days and will arrive 4-9  business days after order is shipped. Express options will be shipped the following business day and will arrive within the number of days selected. Balance inquiry may also be established by calling Omni at (855) 476-8130 or for purchases through Omni’s Site by calling Buyatab’s customer support at 1-855-907-3198.

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