What Happened To IHG Merchandise Rewards?


IHG has allowed IHG Rewards Club members to use their points towards select merchandise purchases, including some Apple products.

A reader dropped us an email about changes in availability over the past two weeks. All Apple products are suddenly not available.

You can access IHG’s page for awards here.

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Here’s the question from the reader:

Maybe you can get the information from IHG. Try to order iPad Pro from the IHG reward global catalogue. Two week ago all products available. Now today I try to order however All products been remove above 20000 points only products below can be order.

Call the 800 number and ended up in a  callcenter in Philippines. They told me nothing has change. Has IHG stoped all higher price products in the rewards global catalog?

Appreciate if you can find it out if the stoped the offers.

I decided to have a look at the selection today:

Executed a search for items costing 100,000 to 500,000 points (some Apple products should be within this range);

Then I decided to search for Apple, and it only returned some accessories.

The selection doesn’t look right.

Here’s what IHG spokesperson told us:

IHG has implemented some temporary adjustments to the IHG Rewards Club Catalogue. These changes still provide our valued IHG Rewards Club members with hundreds of redemption options, including digital downloads and donating points to charity.


IHG is not the only loyalty program that has temporarily limited or eliminated some/most merchandise rewards (money going out).

These have never been good value per se, but certainly a way to efficiently lower your balance if you cannot use them towards complimentary hotel nights. I would assume that these return in due course once the Covid-19 situation stabilizes.

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