Bali Hotel Marketing Entering Another Phase, Low Prices At Grand Hyatt Bali For Indonesian Citizens/Residents


Over the last couple of months we have seen some very good deals for various hotels in Bali and I just noticed another campaign that showed up on Facebook for the Grand Hyatt Bali Nusa Dua where I’m usually staying several times per year.

With the announcement this weekend that Indonesia including Bali will likely remain closed to foreign visitors for the remainder of the year, hotels have now accelerated their discounted offers for Indonesian citizens and residents.

Hotels in Bali are really hurting these days considering there are no foreign arrivals on the Island and the few domestic travelers that visit the island can in no way fill the thousands of properties, especially those luxury resorts.

The Grand Hyatt Bali has long been holding out on offering deep discounts but now it seems like they started to go into sale mode at this very large property.

Here is the offer the showcased today on their social media channels:

This rate doesn’t show up on the website and similar to the special deals we published for the Alila Ubud, Intercontinental Bali and the Hilton Garden Inn Bali Airport you have to contact the hotel in order to book this rate plan.

The price for this rate is IDR 988K++ / US$68++ so an all in price of roughly US$92. The rate is valid for Indonesian Citizens and KITAS holders only as per T&C.

To be honest this rate isn’t all THAT cheap compared to the member Rate incl Breakfast at US$ 108++. In the past I have booked this hotel for $110 all in so I’m seriously baffled about the hotels official pricing right now.

Previously the Grand Hyatt alongside the other Hyatt/Alila properties in Bali have published a promotion available to everyone to buy future credits. That seemed to be a better deal than this staycation offer.

John wrote yesterday about an article in the Jakarta Post that suggested Indonesia will remain closed for the vast majority of foreign visitors, especially tourists for the remainder of 2020. Bali had initially planned to reopen on September 11th independent from Indonesia as a whole.


Hotels in these tourism destinations are really in a bind. While Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world (273 Million people) it’s very hard to market trips to Bali countrywide as the average salary in Indonesia is US$183 per month even pre-Covid. Of course there are plenty of well paid professional, specialized positions in Indonesia that earn on an international level but the issue is that the country by itself can’t feed Bali enough customers to survive. The same goes for similar destinations in other countries where the local economy is exclusively reliant on tourism.

Whatever the solution will be for these places to survive the next 8-12 months will be extremely interesting to watch. At some point discounting for locals alone in order to entice staycations will no longer be enough.