Radisson Rewards Points Expiry, Rollover Nights & Status Expiry Update August 2020


Radisson Rewards announced back in March about extending all elite tiers by a year through February 2022, and points by six months.

Now, the hotel company has made a change to points expiry and introduced rollover nights due to the current Covid-19 related travel slump.

You can access the Radisson Hotels here.

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Points Expiry Suspension (Extended)

Points expiry has now been suspended through March 31, 2021. If you have any expiring points due to inactivity, they will not expire at the end of March next year. Previously, they were extended by 6 months.

Status Extension (No Change)

There is no change in the status extension policy that was previously announced. Members whose status was going to expire in February 2021 will be extended by a year.

Rollover Nights & Stays (New)

All nights and stays that are consumed in 2020 are rolled over to 2021, counting towards 2022 status.

Here’s a copy of the email that Radisson Rewards sent out:


The points expiry suspension is good, but they could have as well extended them through the end of 2021. This Covid-19 related travel challenges will be with us in March 2021.

I like that the nights and stays that Radisson Rewards members consume this year are rolled over to 2021. It helps to reach a higher status for 2022.