Alaska Airlines Targeted Wallet Funds Conversion Offers (Check Your Email)

Many airlines have plenty of credit vouchers outstanding that were issued to passengers for flights they (consumers) canceled. You are always eligible for a REFUND if the airline doesn’t operate the service.

Few airlines have offered bonuses to take a voucher instead of a refund, and others allow conversion of credits to miles such as Qatar Airways.

You can access Alaska Airlines here.

Now, Alaska has sent out a bunch of targeted offers by email to select passengers and Mileage Plan members who have cash sitting on their electronic wallets.

There is a thread on FlyerTalk with examples what members have been offered such as:

– Convert wallet funds to miles (usually at 1 cent per mile – much less than if you buy with cash)

– Convert wallet funds to a voucher with a 50% bonus that you cannot use before mid-2021

– Convert wallet funds to EQMs


It seems that Alaska Airlines is doing a test what customers prefer and at what value before perhaps launching it to all who have funds tied on “wallets.”

Airlines should have been more creative, offering bonuses and miles when they were hit with all the refunds trying to entice at least their loyalty program members to choose something else.

I am glad that Alaska here tries something outside of the box. Interesting to see how it will work for them.