STA Travel Folds

STA Travel, an agency specializing in youth and student travel, in the UK and Australia have ceased trading and filed for insolvency after the group’s parent company in Switzerland, collapsed on Thursday.

STA Travel has several joint ventures and franchisees in various countries that may try to continue trading even after parts of the chain, including the parent, have filed for insolvency.

STA Travel’s Australian website is under “construction” while the following notice is up on its UK site:

To our valued customers, .

Due to the recent announcement that STA Travel UK has ceased trading, unfortunately our travel experts are unable to assist you at this time. Please be assured that if you had a previous booking with us, or hold a live booking, you will receive further communication in the coming days. We are sorry for the inconvenience and the limited information available to you at this time


There will undoubtedly be more travel agency liquidations due to the current travel slump that is expected to last for at least a couple of years.

Purchases made from the STA’s UK operations are backed up by the Atol and Abta schemes depending on what type of products were sold.

Let’s see if the STA’s operations in other markets will fold up too.