Qatar Airways Privilege Club Introduces “Cash + Qmiles” Payment Option

Qatar Airways Privileges Club members can now use Qmiles (award miles) as part payment towards revenue fares.

Cash + Qmiles allows members to reduce the ticket price by up to $500, and still earn Qmiles and Qpoints (elite qualifying miles) based on the underlying fare.

You can access Qatar’s page for Cash + Qmiles here.

Note that you can use up to 25,000 Qmiles towards economy and 50,000 for business class tickets. There is a slider on the booking page that allows Privilege Club members to apply the preferred number of Qmiles up to the ticket type maximum.


The value assigned to an award mile tends to be rather low when used towards the paid ticket.

It can, however, make sense during sales and if you have no other use for the miles that you have earned. Always good to have more redemption opportunities.

Here are the terms and conditions of Cash + Qmiles:

  • Cash + Qmiles is valid on flights marketed by Qatar Airways and operated by Qatar Airways, oneworld® carriers or partner airlines.
  • Cash + Qmiles can be used to purchase a ticket for yourself or anyone.
  • Cash + Qmiles is not available for upgrades and award tickets.
  • Tickets purchased using Cash + Qmiles are eligible to earn Qmiles.
  • Standard terms and conditions apply for tickets purchased under Cash + Qmiles. Please refer to the fare rules at the time of booking. All Flexi fares are excluded from Cash + Qmiles option.
  • Cash + Qmiles is not available for Preferred Seats.
  • Cash + Qmiles option is not available for “Hold my Booking”.
  • Countries with Credit Card fees will be excluded from Cash + Qmiles.
  • Cash + Qmiles flow will not function if penalty or change fee is not available.
  • Qmiles used for this option are non-refundable.
  • Privilege Club reserves the right to change the Qmiles or cash values at any time.
  • Privilege Club reserves the right to withdraw this award option at any time.

And here are the FAQs:

What is Cash + Qmiles?

Cash + Qmiles is designed to give you more flexibility to use your Qmiles when purchasing a ticket.

You can use a combination of Cash and Qmiles to pay for one-way or return tickets.

Standard terms and conditions apply for tickets purchased under Cash + Qmiles. For more details click here

Who can purchase a Cash + Qmiles ticket?

A Cash + Qmiles ticket can be purchased by the main Privilege Club member. Or for Silver, Gold and Platinum members, this also includes a nominated travel coordinator with full account access.

Who can I purchase a Cash + Qmiles ticket for?

You can use your Qmiles to purchase a Cash + Qmiles ticket for anyone; a colleague, friend or family member.

Will I earn Qmiles on a Cash + Qmiles ticket?

Privilege Club members are eligible to earn Qmiles on tickets purchased with Cash + Qmiles.

How many Qmiles do I need to spend for a Cash + Qmiles ticket?

The number of Qmiles required for a Cash + Qmiles ticket varies according to your Qmiles balance, destination, and class of travel. Visit for more details.

Can I change the number of Qmiles to be used for a ticket purchased with Cash + Qmiles?

You can change the number of Qmiles that you would like to use with the Cash + Qmiles slider which can be found on the final payment page during the booking process.

Can I use my Qmiles for a one-way Cash + Qmiles ticket?

Yes, you can use your Qmiles for a one-way trip.

How do I book a Cash + Qmiles ticket online?

To book a Cash plus Qmiles ticket online, you need to log into your account at and proceed to to book your ticket.