Reminder: You Can Still Collect British Airways Avios Miles When Booking Your Air BnB

Today I’d like to remind our readers who might be interested in a booking with AirBnB that it’s possible to earn British Airways Avios when completing the booking through the designated portal.

Customers can earn 2 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spent on Air BnB booking and 3x as many on the first booking made through the BA Air BnB Affiliate channel and even combine this with referral bonuses.

This cooperation has been around for some time but I rarely get to use Air BnB until this month when I booked a long term stay through the website and remembered to use the points earning option in the last moment.

You can access the portal here and find a description of the cooperation on the British Airways website.

Airbnb offers you access to over 6 million places to stay worldwide. Apartments, villas, condos, boutique hotels and unique accommodations – Find the perfect Airbnb and collect Avios when you stay.

Collect 2 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spend. If you haven’t stayed with Airbnb before collect 6 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spend as a welcome bonus.

The following steps have to be taken to go through with the booking:

  1. Please ensure that you have your cookies enabled in your browser and complete the booking in the same session (Otherwise we won’t be able to track your booking).
  2. Click on Book now.
  3. Enter your British Airways Executive Club Membership Number.
  4. Select your chosen accommodation and make your booking.

You can use any existing or new vouchers you have in your account such as for referrals or other bonuses and still earn Avios miles. AirBnB currently has a referral offer for $65 off your first booking.

I booked my one month rental at the following price:

This was a really good deal and in fact I have extended my booking for another month. It’s actually considerably lower than the official rent for this unit and includes all electricity, cable/wifi and Netflix. It would be stupid to sign a rental agreement at the moment.

In any case I was a bit skeptical when or if my BA Avios arrive at some future date. Turned out I didn’t need to worry as they ended up being credited much faster than the 60 days indicated in the T&C (miles showed up ~ 27 days post booking):

I value these roughly 5k miles with US$125 considering the way I usually use my BA miles (JAL one way flights).

Whenever I book hotels or other travel products I always search for a cashback options such as ebates or miles shopping portals. It’s often not much but even 2-3% add up over the year.


This Air BnB option was a godsend. I moved out of my apartment in early July and currently wait for an opportunity to snap up a good deal on the currently imploding real estate market within the next few months. Until then I’ll just utilize this option mixed with a few hotel stays. As much as I like hotels but I really don’t want to do stay in one for several months in a row.

The option to earn miles for these apartment bookings is a welcome opportunity to grow the mileage balance in times where there is very little activity on the account apart from credit card spend. It also shaves off a bit from the rental depending on how much you value BA Avios. Too bad these generous 6x Avios per $ spent are only for the first booking before it drops to 2X. Still, better than nothing!