Marriott Bonvoy Latest Global Promotion 3rd Night 5,000 Extra Bonus Missing?


Marriott Bonvoy launched its latest global promotion mid-August (read more here and here) that is valid for stays through October 18, 2020, and there are separate targeted bonuses out too (read more here).

Now, readers have reported that the extra bonus of 5,000 points has not been posted to their third stay while the base bonus of 2,500 for every stay has. What is going on?

You can access Marriott’s page for promotions here.

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Note that the program T&Cs state

Bonus points will be awarded to the member’s account up to 6 weeks after the promotion ends.

The 2,500 bonus posts with every stay while this extra 5,000 for the third stay posts separately. I have been in touch with Marriott, and they intend to get these points to member accounts in due course, and much sooner than 6 weeks after the promotion ends, that would be December.


I wish that Marriott would have a better breakdown of points earned than what is shown on the app or the website. All the bonus points are lumped together, and sometimes it is challenging to tell what has been credited and what not.

Readers should not be worry if these 5,000 points won’t show up on the third stay. They will soon follow as a separate line.