Marriott Bonvoy Gold & Platinum Match Verification Issues? (Report Them Here)


Marriott Bonvoy launched last Thursday (read more here) a new offer for Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, and IHG elite members to match their status for 90 days and keep it until February 2022 by completing a set number of nights.

Marriott already ran into issues late Thursday and early Friday when the website was not functioning correctly due to higher than anticipated interest (read more here). Now members have started to receive denials after submitting the required documents.

You can access Marriott’s page for the Gold & Platinum match here.

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Several members who completed the form have now received the message above. I was in touch with Marriott to see what was going on:

What we are seeing are lot of registrations submitted without the required competitor folio or with a folio that doesn’t show proof of identity.

It would be helpful to recommend that people consider this when registering so we can approve them, and they should make sure that everything is legible which has sometimes been an issue.

When you resubmit the required documents, make sure that the account status screenshot and the hotel folio both clearly shows your name for verification purposes.


So, if your first submission was not successful, redo it.

Freddo from our team submitted his match (IHG) and has neither received denial nor approval yet. I am sure that there are thousands of submissions for Marriott customer service employees to go through and verify.

Has your match been approved or declined yet, and did you submit clear and legible documents?