Garuda Allows GarudaMiles Members To Upgrade Tier Using Miles

Garuda has launched an exciting feature to its GarudaMiles frequent flier program that allows members to upgrade their status by using award miles.

Garuda Indonesia

The upgrade costs 15,000 to 150,000 GarudaMiles, depending on your status and level upgraded to, and is valid for just six months (why not a year?).

You can access this offer on Garuda’s website here.

Here’s the number of miles required:


An Interesting concept from Garuda, but the benefits associated with Silver, Gold, and Platinum are not great (the usual).

Perhaps, if someone has absolutely no other reasonable use for GarudaMiles, they could blow them for tier upgrade

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

1. Valid for GarudaMiles member Blue, Silver and Gold.

2. Period of membership upgrade is 6 months.

3. Number of tier miles and tier frequency that have been collected will remain the same, while the number of award miles will be adjusted after being deducted by miles requirement for membership upgrade.

4. GarudaMiles members can redeem miles to upgrade membership of other GarudaMiles members (colleagues, family, etc.).

5. After upgrade period ends, the next period of GarudaMiles membership will be determined based on the number of flights for the past 12 months from the end of the upgrade period.

6. For GarudaMiles members who benefitted for membership tier extension until June 2021 (relaxation program due to Covid-19 pandemic) and would like to obtain this feature, the membership and evaluation validity period will follow this program policy.

To obtain this feature, GarudaMiles members may send request email with subject “Tier Upgrade By Miles” to the e-mail address: , by providing information below:

a. GarudaMiles number

b. Name

c. Date of birth

d. Phone number

e. Current Membership Tier & Tier want to be upgraded

f. GarudaMiles number that want to be upgraded (If the upgrade is requested for other GarudaMiles members).

For further information, please call Contact Center at (+6221) 2351 9999 or Garuda Indonesia Sales Office.

Wishing you a more memorable experience with Garuda Indonesia.