Why World Of Hyatt Milestone Bonuses Stop At 100 Nights?


World of Hyatt launched Milestone Rewards in December 2018 (read more here) that began from the 2019 membership year.

Milestone Rewards, like those similar with Hilton Honors, awards members throughout the year when they hit a select number of nights or base points ($$$ spend) thresholds. Why no extra bonuses for members with more than 100 nights?

You can access Hyatt’s page for Milestone Rewards here.

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Here are Hyatt’s Milestone bonuses:

Club Lounge awards are suitable for non-Globalist members at 20 and 30 nights as well as 2 Suite upgrades at 50 nights.

And With Hilton:

Hilton Honors Milestone Bonuses

Honors members get 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights starting at 40 + special bonus of extra 30,000 points at 60 nights.

100+ Nights

Hyatt won’t offer any additional bonus points.

I asked why and got the following statement from the Hyatt spokesperson:

Through World of Hyatt’s continued listening-based approach, Milestone Rewards was designed to motivate members to stay with us as often as they’re able – offering rewards at each 10 increment levels from 10 nights to 100 nights, unlike competitive programs – delivering value for a wide range of members at different membership tiers. Given the richness of our Globalist tier, Milestone Rewards at 70, 80, 90 and 100 nights, and the richness of our promotions – we believe the value is felt for members no matter how many nights they choose to stay with us.


These milestone bonuses with Hyatt partially replaced the lost Gold Passport Diamond 1,000 bonus points per stay amenity bonus.

You get up to 50,000 World of Hyatt bonus points if you always choose the 10,000 bonus option at the 60 nights through 100 (you can select five times).

Nothing is preventing Hyatt from continuing to offer 10,000 points or a suite upgrade for every 10 nights consumed. I wish they did just that.