$5 Covid-19 Surcharge At Holiday Inn Express?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a message about an undisclosed Covi-19 surcharge that an IHG affiliated hotel had in place.

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You can access IHG here.

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Here is the warning that Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hinton has on its IHG booking page:

And here’s a copy of an award stay folio that was presented to the reader:

The hotel doesn’t disclose at any point during the booking process that there would be a Covid-19 related surcharge in place.

There is a $5 “tax” without any disclosure of what it is for.


I have contacted the IHG spokesperson to see if these Covid-19 surcharges are allowed per the company’s policy but didn’t get their reply by the time this article was published.

Hotels love all kinds of fees that they try to hide in the taxes hoping that guests would only look at the headline and not the total price when they make the booking decision. You also have to keep in mind that you don’t earn points for this fake fee.

If hotels feel that they can command higher revenue, they should adjust the daily and discounted rates accordingly. Simple concept, right?