Etihad Now Offers “Global Wellness Insurance” For Their Passengers, Providing Covid-19 Treatment Coverage

Etihad Airways has on became the latest airline this week that introduced an insurance coverage for Covid-19 related illness which the airline coined “Global Wellness Insurance”.

This assistance policy is underwritten by AXA Insurance and covers certain expenses resulting from Covid-19 infections such as treatment, quarantine, repatriation and funeral costs.

The policy is included on all tickets issued by Etihad, and there is no extra charge for passengers. The program is valid for flights from September 7,  2020 until December 31, 2020.

You can access Etihad Airways page for the Covid-19 assistance here.

Introducing our COVID-19 global wellness insurance cover – just one of the ways we promise to keep you protected with Etihad Wellness. Our cover is included with every Etihad Airways ticket travelling from 7 September 2020 up to 31 December 2020, so wherever you’re flying to, you can travel there with confidence.

Our COVID-19 global wellness insurance cover is an extension to your travel insurance, giving you extra peace of mind as you travel the world. If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst you’re away, we’ll take care of your medical expenses and quarantine costs. No stress, no hassle. Simple.

Simply book your flight with Etihad Airways and you’ll be covered for 31 days from the first day of your trip. You can book direct or via a travel agent or other third party.

You will be covered if you bought your ticket from Etihad – whether on or via a travel agent. You will qualify for Insurance whether your flight was operated by Etihad or by one of our codeshare partners. If you purchased your ticket from another airline or a codeshare partner airline, you will not be covered, even if one or more flights of your journey is on an Etihad aircraft.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst you’re away, please contact our Etihad COVID-19 Assistance Team as soon as possible. This is really important as you will not be reimbursed for any services that have not been organised by Etihad COVID-19 Assistance. Please note you will not be covered for the cost of PCR tests.

A few important things to consider regarding this coverage:

  • The coverage is not valid in your country of residence (180 day rule applies)
  • It is valid for 31 days after the first flight
  • Only valid on Etihad issued tickets but includes flights on partner airlines/codeshares
  • The coverage extends only to treatment organized/coordinated through the insurance team
  • It doesn’t cover the cost of any Covid-19 PCR tests

Here is the entire coverage from AXA Insurance:

Download (PDF, 595KB)

Etihad Global Wellness Insurance Cover is automatically effective following your first completed flight of your journey on Etihad from the date of departure and is valid, outside of your home country, for 31 days. It doesn’t matter when the ticket was originally purchased.

Further details are on the website linked above under the FAQ.

Of course the network is drastically reduced until the end of the year with many countries not allowing foreigners in, especially for tourism purposes. For those countries that are in fact open and require the passenger to present an insurance coverage this is a big deal though.


This will be useful to take care of the insurance requirement that some countries now require as part of their immigration guidelines (many ask for a minimum cover of $100,000 for Covid treatment).

Etihad is following the path of other airlines that have already introduced such a policy as part of their marketing efforts. It’s very useful to provide this because it saves the hassle for customers to seek out a policy that explicitly covers the Covid-19 treatment and paying extra for it. Not all travel insurances are covering it especially since the disease has been classified as a pandemic.

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