Conrad Hong Kong Sends A Link To Pay On 3rd Party Website?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a copy of an email that Conrad Hong Kong had sent requesting a prepayment on a non-prepay rate using a third-party platform.

Hong Kong Conrad & JW Marriott

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You can access Conrad Hong Kong’s website here.

Here’s the email that the reader received:

Note that the reader’s reservation was not for an event but just for a Saturday night at the hotel.

Booking confirmation:


It seems that this Paydollar is a website in Hong Kong that collects online payments.


Why Conrad Hong Kong doesn’t capture credit card information by themselves and/or demands prepayment for a rate that doesn’t require it?

This certainly doesn’t make much sense and is ripe for fraud.

What stops employees who have access to reservation information to start sending out prepayment links where the payment goes to their bank accounts?

Remember that some Accor hotels in Indonesia were requesting members to email/fax copies of their credit cards and passports (read more here) for payment processing purposes?

Would you pay a hotel charge on a third party website?

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