Marriott Now Displays Updated Hotel On-Property Service Information (With Few Clicks)


Marriott started to publish available on-property service and elite benefits information on a dedicated web page (read more here) two weeks ago.

The regular Marriott rate search does not indicate what hotel facilities are open and whether elites can expect any benefits such as an open executive lounge. Marriott’s Whattoexpect-page shows these and is now available directly on its website.

You can access Marriott here.

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You can now access this information directly from Marriott’s website, but you won’t see this red bar (see the image above) during the booking process. You must first click through to the property’s specific Marriott page where it appears.

Here’s the information for Westin Excelsior Florence:

Here’s how you can pull up this information for all properties (from our earlier piece):

Note that Marriott intends to have this service information available to all FULL SERVICE and LUXURY hotels. You won’t find it for Courtyards, Residence Inns, and similar other brands.

You need to access Marriott’s What To Expect Website:

and replace the LONGR with the Marriott’s five-letter code for the property (each hotel has its own), which is of interest to you.

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane:

The Marsha code for this hotel is LONGR, and thus the What To Expect URL is

You can see the Marsha code when hovering the mouse over the hotel’s name on the website.

It then opens up a separate page with the hotel’s name and Taking Care of You-text. If the page changes to, it means that the property has not updated the information with Marriott.

You then need to expand to access the critical information:

It seems that the first FOUR options are standard with all the hotels, and Marriott is now pushing cleaning EVERY THREE DAYS, although you can request daily.


Lists whether fitness center and F&B outlets are open or closed.


What F&B outlets are closed and their opening hours.


Shows the status of the elite breakfast, lounge availability, and happy hour.


It would be better if the guest would be presented with this information at the time of making the booking. You have to click quite a few times to get to the specific page where this information appears.

Some questioned the other week when we published the original piece, whether this information would be up to date and continuously updated by hotels.

Based on my small sample of three Marriott properties in Central London over the past week, I would say yes. The facilities and services that were listed as open were. I used the Whattoexpect-site to book away from properties that didn’t have the services available that I look for.