Aegean Miles+Bonus Double Award & Tier Miles Through September 2021, (Book By October 14)

Aegean has launched a new offer to get Miles+Bonus members to book new travel by October 14, 2021.

Miles+Bonus members can earn unlimited double tier and awards miles on travel through September 2021.

You can access Aegean here.

Note that there doesn’t appear to be anything on Aegean’s website about this offer, and I would assume that all Miles+Bonus members are eligible.

Aegean has been sending out emails with an incorrect book by date (September 14, 2020). The correct one is October 14.


Aegean has been very active, trying to get members to book travel. They must be in a challenging position as their primary business practically evaporated this summer (travel to/from Greece and its islands).

There is very little business travel, and Athens is not a geographically advantageous location for connecting travel within Europe.

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