Whine Wednesdays: Guest Printout In the Open For Everyone To See


How often do you come across guest lists at hotels with names, room numbers, and checkout dates for everyone to see?

Oh well. You often see hotel employees wth these lists, especially during breakfast time, and they are sometimes forgotten about and left out in the open.

Note that I have struck through the information from the guest list above, and everyone who was staying at the hotel at the time of taking the photo should have checked out by now (based on the information on that printout).

The breakfast was fantastic, however, and came with a nice view!


This event took place at the Westin Florence last week. I pointed this out to the front desk when checking out to ensure that the restaurant staff would be more careful with the guest information in the future.

I did not ask anyone to get back to me, but the front desk agent told me that a manager would contact me later that day and took a photo of my photo. To date, I have not heard anything from the hotel.

This is not the first time I have come across guest information. Back in the fax days, one Marriott hotel was recycling their paper, and their partial accounts receivables were on the backside of my document. Then at one Sheraton, a concierge gave me a note that also had current guest information on the other side.

Not good. Hotels should be more careful with the information they have out in the open.