Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Implements Virgin Points (Replaces Miles)

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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has today implemented and renamed its miles to Virgin Points.

Virgin Points is a Virgin-wide initiative from Virgin Red. Virgin Points never expire and can be earned and redeemed through all Virgin-related companies in the future. There is no change in the number of points earned or required for revenue and award flights.

You can access Virgin Atlantic here.

Here are two quotes from Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Red:

Kelly Best, Chief Marketing Officer for Virgin Red, says:

“Virgin Points – the new reward currency for Virgin companies – has launched today.  This is in preparation for the launch of Virgin Red, a new Virgin-wide rewards club which will be revealed soon. Unlike other loyalty programmes where points vanish, our points have no use-by-date – so no matter what life throws at our members, Virgin Points can be used whenever they want.

“Because Virgin Points will eventually be the currency used across all of the different Virgin companies, Flying Club miles have been rebranded to Virgin Points today. This rebrand doesn’t change how existing Flying Club members can collect or spend points around the globe – except that members can relax safe in the knowledge that Virgin Points will never expire.”

Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at Virgin Atlantic, said:

“We’re committed to supporting our most loyal members and creating opportunities for them to enjoy their hard-earned rewards. Flying Club miles have now changed to Virgin Points, which unlike currencies in other loyalty programmes, will never expire. This means members can build up their Virgin Points balance, for as long as they want, and redeem at their leisure, now or in the future.

“Virgin Points have exactly the same value as miles and members can continue to earn and redeem these across Virgin Atlantic, Delta and other partners as they do today, as well as collect tier points. The change in currency provides greater peace of mind for our members and paves the way for an expanded range of ways to earn and spend Virgin Points. To mark this milestone and reward our members as they plot their future travel plans, we’re offering double Virgin Points on every Virgin Atlantic flight booked directly with us by 1st October 2020.”

UPDATE: Email and FAQs about the transition from Flying Club:

Frequently asked questions


Having one loyalty currency would have made sense when there were THREE Virgin-branded airlines and loyalty programs in the United States (Virgin America – Alaska bought it), Australia (Virgin Australia collapsed and Bain bought it), and Virgin Atlantic.

It would be interesting to know how the settling of various Virgin Points is handled between different companies for earning and redeeming purposes.