Qatar Airways Is Offering 100 Days Of Free High-Speed Broadband To All Customers

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In celebration of the airline equipping more than 100 of its high-speed broadband system Qatar Airways is now offering 100 days of free on-board Super Wi-Fi connectivity.

Qatar Airways Wifi Rates are generally reasonable compared to many other carriers but this 100 days for free promotion will help some passengers to access the web for free.

I had a review of their Super Wifi roughly two years ago (see here) and was rather happy with the product and speed. Of course if now everyone is using the system because it’s free then the question is if the speed quality will remain that great!?

Qatar Airways has announced the promotion on their website yesterday.

Qatar Airways is now offering 100 days of free on-board Super Wi-Fi connectivity to all passengers, in celebration of the airline equipping more than 100 of its state-of-the-art aircraft with high-speed broadband.

From 25 September 2020 for the next 100 days until 2 January 2021, passengers can stay connected with family, friends and colleagues free-of-charge using the Wi-Fi connectivity on board. Qatar Airways now offers the largest number of aircraft equipped with high-speed broadband connectivity in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “During these challenging times Qatar Airways continues to lead and innovate, providing our passengers with the five-star experience they have come to expect from the World’s Best Airline. We are delighted to bring high-speed broadband connectivity to all our loyal passengers for the duration of their flights, from departure to arrival.

“Not only does this showcase the exceptional Qatar Airways service at a time when other airlines are using the current market challenges as a reason to reduce their Wi-Fi offerings.

“It also proves that our mission to connect people around the world does not start and end with just travel. We understand the importance, especially in recent months, of enabling people to be connected at all times, whether on-the-ground or 35,000ft in-the-air.”

More than 100 Qatar Airways aircraft have been fitted with the high-speed Super Wi-Fi service, using the award-winning GX Aviation technology from global mobile satellite communications provider, Inmarsat, since the launch of the service in 2018.

Qatar Airways passengers on flights fitted with GX Aviation usually receive up to one hour free access to the Super Wi-Fi service, with the ability to purchase full-flight access if more online time is needed.

There won’t be any registration required, you log in at the pop up screen at no cost. Qatar Airways doesn’t have a data cap on this promotion either.

Be aware that not all planes are featuring Wifi but based on my experience with QR their A350’s as well as refitted B777 and B787 Dreamliners do have the system installed.


Qatar Airways has been very good in keeping their network alive and stayed in the news with positive messaging throughout this pandemic. They still have to fight the stupid gulf blockade in the middle east and I’m surprised they’re able to keep up their level of service.

If you’re flying on Qatar Airways in the next three months let us know below how the internet worked out for you!