Copa ConnectMiles Covid-19 Waiver Update

Copa, a Panamanian airline, today announced temporary ConnectMiles policy changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The airline has already extended member tiers by a year, like many other airlines, through February 2022.

You can access ConnectMiles here.

Here’ are the changes:

1. Qualification criteria for 2020 has been reduced by 70% (for those qualifying this year). Remember that you need to take 4 Copa flights too.

2. All qualifying miles earned in 2020 are rolled over to 2021.

3. The airline also waives many fees.

4. Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates (also usable on United) are extended by a year.

Here’s the email that the airline sent out today:


Copa has been hit extremely hard with the Covid-19 related travel restrictions because its main business is to connect passengers within the Americas.

Panama is reopening for international arrivals in October, following many other countries in the region.