Fabulous Fridays: Hotel Rooms With Bedside Control For Lighting & Air Condition


Our Fabulous Friday this week is about hotel rooms that are equipped with bedside controllers for lighting and especially air condition and other room functions.

Often times hotels have installed their air condition control panel somewhere in the middle of the room, forcing you to get up every time you need to adjust it but some properties have put a bit of thought into it.

Especially in tropical areas such as South East Asia it’s pretty much a must to keep the air condition running 50-70% of the time.

I stay at a lot of hotels in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore with my major pet peeve being that I have to get out of bed several times at night when the room gets too hot. Unfortunately I can’t sleep with the A/C running constantly both due to the draft in the room and the noise from the unit.

I wish every country would have a quiet Air Condition unit installed like in Japan but that is rarely the case.

One of the hotels that is doing is right is The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok:

They have installed an automated controller on the nightstand so guests can control all aspects of the room from their bed.

This includes door signs (DND/Service), Lights, Alarm and most importantly the air condition.


I’m really not sure why some – even brand new – hotels install their only A/C control unit somewhere in the middle of the room, forcing the guest to get out of bed every time. Some properties don’t even have lighting control near the bed.

In the case of Westin Bangkok which is clearly an old hotel the management has reacted and put in these electronic controllers sometime in recent years. Usually I’m not that lucky which is especially a problem when there is no suite available and there is only the main guest room with one single a/c unit. My preference is to get a suite and leave the aircon on in the living room while shutting it off in the bedroom.

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