Business Class Amenity Kits Are (Finally) Coming To Singapore Airlines At A Future Date


A recent Singapore Airlines announcement in their online shop about Business Class Amenity Kits has raised eyebrows and the airline has confirmed that the kits will be distributed on (at least some of) their flights in the future.

Until now Singapore Airlines has distributed amenities loosely in a basked as well as in the bathrooms during flight but did not present passengers with individual pouches.

These amenity kits have been a contentious topic for years as some like the individuality each airline (often on cooperation with brands) displays with their kits while others argue they are nothing but a wasteful addition to the flight and should be done away with.

Singapore Airlines just published a new addition of SIA@Home and the offer of amenity kits there raised attention by customers.

Luxurious amenities by Lalique or Penhaligon’s

Enjoy our specially designed Lalique amenities or be the first to receive our Business Class Penhaligon’s amenity kit.

The Penhaligon style kit pictured above in form of a green pouch with a zipper.

Singapore Airlines also sells the Lalique First Class set:

These and other products are available on the carriers online shop from October 5, 2020.

I do miss the old First Class amenity kits that had a generous sized bottle of Ferragamo EDT in it.

I decided to contact Singapore Airlines media relations team about amenity kits in Business Class and received the following reply:

We are pleased to confirm that Singapore Airlines has firm plans to launch an amenity kit for our Business Class passengers. While we can’t confirm a launch date at this time, SIA@Home customers will get a preview of the amenity kit as it will be available for purchase on our website

Back in 2017 I wrote about Singapore Airlines surveying customers on the topic of amenity kits but that’s been three years down the road at this point in time. I’m very surprised the rollout of the amenity kit comes during a time when the vast majority of the fleet is grounded and the airline is hemorrhaging money.


These days I rarely take away or even open the amenity kits a receive on board, especially in Business Class. While in First Class they often have some special, useful cosmetic in it those supplied in Business are rarely worth the effort.

Definitely an interesting timing for SIA to suddenly come out with an amenity kit after resisting the industry standard for years.