Panama Opens For International Arrivals On October 12, 2020


Panama is the next country in the Americas that opens for international arrivals with a negative Covid-19 test.

Passengers are allowed to enter from October 12, 2020, and if their negative Covid-19 test is more than 48 hours old, they need to take a rapid test at the airport costing $30. Passengers are also required to fill an electronic affidavit before arrival.

You can access Visit Panama’s website here.

Here’s the information from Visit Panama:

Coronavirus Situation in Pamana

There are roughly 4.3M residents in Panama. The new infections and daily deaths have stabilized.


More opportunities for international travel this year and having the option of taking a relatively inexpensive rapid test at the arrival ($30) is compelling. It is unclear how old the negative Covid-19 test can be for boarding to Panama?

It is always encouraging when most news is not about new travel restrictions, but countries slowly reopen their borders, usually with negative Covid-19 tests.

The lifting of international arrivals will certainly help the national flag carrier Copa, whose main business is to connect passengers around the Americas.