IHG Rewards Club Points & Cash 20% Off Sale Until October 20, 2020


IHG Rewards Club has launched a new Points & Cash sale that allows members to redeem at 20% less cash through October 20, 2020.

Points & Cash allows members to mix points and cash when they make award reservations. IHG essentially sells you the points at a discount that are needed for full points awards

You can access this offer on IHG’s website here.

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Note that this discount is valid for stay until January 3, 2021.

If you cancel the Points & Cash award, the cash part is never refunded. Points & Cash allows IHG Rewards Club members to buy points more than the yearly max allowed and often at a lower price.

I executed dozen or so searched, and the price of a point purchased under this Points & Cash sale was always $59 per 10,000 (0.59 cents) when you can buy them during frequent sales at 0.5 cents each.


I am not sure if IHG has standardized the price of points purchased under Points & Cash because I could not find “deals” this time (usually there are).

Many confuse IHG’s Points & Cash with those offered with other hotel loyalty programs.

IHG merely sells you the points that, in turn, are redeemed for full points award immediately. If you later cancel, you keep the points, and the cash used to buy them is NEVER refunded.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • IHG® Rewards Club members must be logged in to receive 20% savings.
  • Must book by 20/10/2020
  • Stay dates include 12/10/2020 – 3/1/2021
  • 20% discount is offered at time of booking and only pertains to the cash cost of bookings.
  • This offer is subject to the general IHG® Rewards Club membership Terms and Conditions
  • Consult Rewards Programme Rules and Regulations and product brochure, or your Cardmember Agreement, as applicable, for details.