Air Canada’s Airbus A319 All Business Class JETZ Are Back For The Winter Schedule

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Air Canada Jetz famous All Business Class Airbus A319 which are usually used as a charter aircraft for celebrity groups and sports teams are back on regular rotation for the winter schedule.

The four aircraft of this type Air Canada has are bookable as regular tickets for Canadian domestic, U.S. and Caribbean routes and customers can book those as common Business Class tickets for both miles and cash.

Seeking out these planes can make sense for routes that are commonly served with Air Canada domestic style Business Class or – much worse – Rouge Premium as the Jetz flights are much more spacious and comfortable.

On routes where AC is also using widebody jets with lie flat Business Class it makes very little sense to go for the A319 as the lie flat seat would be more comfortable.

CTV Toronto had a quick report about this last night:

Air Canada is offering a rare opportunity for people to fly on their fleet of all-business class planes.

The airline said it will use their four Airbus 319 Jetz aircrafts, which are configured with only 58 business class seats and no economy, on popular routes this winter.

Air Canada normally uses these planes for professional sports teams, popular musical groups on tour and corporate clients on a charter basis.

The airline said because of current pandemic restrictions the planes are now available for commercial use.

“Air Canada is very pleased to offer its customers a unique opportunity to travel like a pro athlete or a VIP and experience our premium Jetz service,” Air Canada said in a news release Wednesday.

The planes even include four business class seats that all face each other with a table in between, which can be booked by a family.

Passengers will be able to book the all-business class flights beginning Oct. 21 for travel during the Christmas period, which is between Dec. 12 and Jan. 6.

Another schedule for March Break flights is currently being planned, Air Canada said.

The luxury flights will depart from Toronto with non-stop trips to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Barbados, Cancun, Kelowna and Vancouver.

There will also be non-stop flights from Vancouver to Phoenix, Palm Springs and Puerto Vallarta. From Montreal there are flights to Fort Lauderdale and Barbados.

I’m surprised that Air Canada says the seats at the table are available for families to book as in the past you were able to book this seat as a single traveler as well.

We flew on this AC A319 jet a few months ago and it was no problem to select it:

These are the table seats in the back of the plane:

Air Canada also has a designated website for these flights (access here).

As of December 12, our special fleet of Air Canada Jetz Airbus A319 aircraft will be made available for you to enjoy on select routes.

The aircraft, which features a cabin of 58 business class seats, will be departing from prime locations, minimizing walking time in the airport, and begin boarding only 35 minutes before departure. Enjoy an exclusive travel experience with a spacious cabin configuration that offers more comfort and less waiting time when boarding and deplaning, as well as Chef Park’s menu and a wine selection curated by Véronique Rivest.

The safest possible travel experience continues to be our top priority. As such, our Air Canada CleanCare+ program’s new biosecurity standards will of course, be an integral part of your Air Canada Jetz experience.

These are some of the routes available on the A319 Jetz aircraft:

Some of these routes are pretty interesting such as Vancouver- Palm Springs but always check alternate flights on the same route such as Toronto-Vancouver as there might be better widebody flights available.

You can book these flights either as a regular revenue based ticket for cash or use miles, either via Aeroplan or any other Star Alliance program. The tickets on these flights sell as Business Class.


Air Canada has operated these flights a couple of times now and they’ve been popular in the past due to their “all Business Class” style. They really are more comfortable than the regular domestic Business cabin with lots of more legroom and of course only 58 seats on the whole plane.

Would I pay high prices for it? Most likely not as I wouldn’t consider it to be worth it but if there’s a mileage ticket available at a reasonable rate then why not!